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Retour sur notre keynote à Autonomy 2022

Troopy était présent à la sixième édition du salon Autonomy Paris, le plus grand rassemblement international de la mobilité durable, qui s’est déroulé les 16 et 17 mars 2022. Nous vous proposons un retour sur nos interventions lors de cet événement.

Keynote du 17 mars 2022 – The paradigm is shifting from motorists to mobilists.

« Des automobilistes aux mobilistes : comment la mobilité partagée façonne le paradigme du transport local. »


Autonomy 2022 : keynote de François Hoehlinger pour Troopy

Speaker : François Hoehlinger, Directeur Général de Troopy, nous explique dans quelle mesure Troopy s’engage dans la mobilité durable : service inclusif, sécurisé et toujours plus écologiquement responsable.

What makes shared mobility so important now in cities? And how do we switch from early adopters to mass usage?

The answer is simple. The city became the users playground: users switched from being car owners to being mobilist (full sharing) and freedom. Sharing environment is now integrated in our daily routine. Smart cities are ready for an offer that provides user-centricity all along the process and inter – and multimodality. Why? To avoid the constraints of ownership and to save what matter the most: Time.


How can historical OEM’s now take their share into a consolidating market, in terms of offer but also in terms of rethinking their whole value chain?

Yesterday, the electric moped was made by EV « First movers » companies, today, it’s made by experts OEM with:

  • Refined products: designed in collaboration with OEM and operators, models are adapted to sharing and adapted with sharing accessories, also including retrofitting capabilities;
  • Anticipated constraints: insurance and franchise designed for extensive usages, maintenance costs are alleviated thanks to fast learning curve from experts, spare parts costs and delivery are eased and environmental challenges are integrated in the moped lifecycle;
  • Refined usage: experts OEM apply their expertise to EV, partnership with experts, and operators!


What are the key engagements we must take towards cities when it comes to environment, products and technology?

As an operator, we should take stronger CSR engagements: « More conscious user, less impact on our city ». How?

  • No bullshit. Our CSR engagements are for real.
  • Only the user. Troopy is driven by today’s users for tomorrow’s users. OEM should also adapt their roadmap thanks to the operator. We know that we pave the way for tomorrow: questions are, what are the societal changes and how do we create value today? We’re conviced that the answer is inter and multi-modality.
  • The cycle of life. The second-hand is crucial for the planet (recycle accessories, accessible prices with lease or buy…). From free-floating to retrofit, Troopy invests on the full cycle.
  • Working for tomorrow. To be an operator also means to work alongside with political institutions. The goal? Create tomorrow’s workshops jobs!


(Re)découvrez le live !

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