Find the pleasure of traveling with a scooter  ! Ride with confidence on a Yamaha 125 cm3 three-wheeled scooter equipped to take you anywhere in Paris and its region. Light, compact and agile, our scooter offers maximum freedom for your travels. Troopy is a subscription-free service, you only pay for renting the scooter. Insurance and fuel are included to spare you any stress !


Your day-to-day safety is our top priority to offer stress-free travel. A bit of light reading: Charter of the good driver


Stable and very accessible, our Tricity scooter offers unique road comfort. Its equipment will keep you warm and sheltered from the rain.


Our scooter has more than 200km autonomy and allows you to reach Paris and its suburbs without any constraints! So why not escape for dinner in Sceaux or a trip for two to Versailles?

Compliance with

EURO 4 standards

Our scooter is respectful of the regulations that aim to limit polluting gas emission and ensure the safety of two-wheeler drivers.


Book a fully-equipped three-wheel scooter in a single click !

39L top box

You can easily fit :

  • A 15 ‘laptop
  • Your sports bag
  • Your shopping
  • Or your second helmet !


  • Approved helmet
  • Full-face
  • Retro reflective elements to ensure perfect visibility

Smartphone case

  • Suitable for all types of smartphones
  • Equipped with a waterproof pouch
  • You will be able to use your GPS safely


  • ABS and full brake system (UBS)
  • Front and rear disc brakes provide great stopping power
  • ABS ensures smooth and efficient braking

Rain cover

  • Brings real driving comfort
  • Ensures perfect protection
  • Shelters legs in the event of rain

Reduction of gas emission

  • Decreased carbon monoxide emissions
  • Lower hydrocarbon emissions
  • Reduction of the emitted volume

Two is better than one!

Bring someone along and enjoy the comfort and safety of a three-wheel scooter.

Appointments all around Paris with a colleague, a real estate visit with a client or just a romantic stroll? Everything is now possible with Troopy.

by experts


All TROOPY scooters are reviewed daily by our field technicians and regularly in the network of official YAMAHA dealers.


You can enjoy a fleet of performing scooters safely, the latest applicable standards.


Free from the worries of a maintenance book, making appointments and expenses inherent to the possession of a scooter, you can RIDE CAREFREE without having to oversee maintenance!

Yamaha Motor Europe provides technical support for the development of TROOPY.

“We are incredibly pleased to witness Troopy’s deployment in Paris, the European reference in terms of motorised two-wheeler use to contribute to smoother traffic flows – a complicated issue in the French capital. ”

Eric de Seynes, President of Yamaha Europe


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